God's Got You Always

Our Mission

Join us in making a difference in the lives of the children that have been displaced from their families and forced to start life in an unfamiliar environment. 

For Me and You Too has a mission to reach every child in the United States (and eventually world wide) that has been placed in foster care with one of our hand made tie-dyed shirts.  Each shirt will be made with love, and stamped with a positive message on the front and back. 

With well over 450,000+ children and counting (the number changes daily) in the foster care system today in the United States, and close to 80% of the prison population being affected by this system, with many more frightening statistics not listed, it is time we take a stand as a whole. Our system is broken, a lot of these children are broken, and they need us, as a Body of Christ, to come together and shine some light into their world. This is just the beginning!

How can you help?!?!

With every shirt purchase, one will be given to a child in foster care. With purchasing a shirt, you get to choose 2-4 colors you want us to use, the design, the message for the front and the back, and the font for the message. You can conclude the purchase with a special message to the child receiving the shirt, if you wish. 

The given shirt will be made like the one you requested, but keep in mind, no shirt will look identical, as colors will flow freely while we are making them. That's the beauty in it!! After all, God has created us all to be different in our own special way too!!

Each shirt will be packaged with washing instructions, and an encouraging message of your choice, or we can choose one for you! There will be a weekly Bible verse included in the package as well. 

Also, after seeking ideas on what to do with the profits, we wanted to announce that profits will go towards a much BIGGER project!! This project will help encourage and assist these children that may seem the most vulnerable, especially those who age out and have no one to turn to. We will announce the details of this project at a later time, as it is still a work in progress. Just know that we cannot wait to share it with you!!

We look forward to sending these children good vibes, positive messages, and something to brighten their world, when it all may seem dark. As a society, as children of God, it is our responsibility to let these beautiful souls know that they are not alone! 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and helping us on our FIRST mission, as we cannot wait to get started! Like we said before, this is just the beginning, with many more missions ahead of us, on impacting the lives of these children! They need us more than ever!!

With Love,

Erika and Kayah